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The importance of physical security

It makes no difference what Operating System (OS) you run, Windows, Linux, BSD, or OSX, if someone has access to your computer (or server), password security is meaningless.  Every OS has the possibility of resetting the administrative password.

This does make some sense, as often computers or servers are set-up, run an application or service for an extended period of time, and potentially become “orphans” in the enterprise.  Put another way, the person who did the original set-up has moved on, let go, or simply forgot how the device was configured.

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It’s your password: it’s your information. Who can you trust?

In the first weeks of June 2012 both LinkedIn and eHarmony were hit with a security breach exposing as many as 8 million passwords.  There is some irony in that one site contains professional and business information, while the other holds intimate personal information.  Now whoever said business and love can’t mix?

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