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The curse of Windows updates

Patch Tuesday – for those in the IT sector Microsoft patches have become one of the painful realities we have just come to accept.  Thinking back 10 years patches were fairly painless, but as of late “Patch Tuesday” doesn’t always pass as painlessly as it should.

I recently ran into Windows Update Error 80072EE2 which ultimately sent me on a search on fix this dreaded message.  The exact technical issue was a corrupt CBS.  In short, Windows lost track of its own components and updates.  It does make me wonder why an Operating System has to use a database to keep track of all its parts and components, but such is life.

The required fix was a “repair install”, which wasn’t that difficult.  The bigger difficulty was finding the right Windows 7 DVD for the repair.

The computer in question shipped with an HP OEM version of Windows 7.  I had the original DVD, but it was an original Windows 7 without SP1.  The computer requiring the “repair install” was patched with Windows 7 SP1.  It is frustrating to keep the original disks only to have them become useless over time.

To make a long story short, I did eventually find an original HP Windows 7×64 DVD that included SP1.  The repair install took about 90 minutes and was relatively painless.

And now the irony.  After the repair install, Windows had to install all of its updates over again.  It took longer to patch Windows 7 than it did to do the reinstall.  And some days I just sit and wonder……..

Windows Updates.  Who came up with this idea again?  It isn’t a bad idea when everything works.