Robert Gusnowski is an unique IT Professional with over 25 years experience working in both the public and private sector. Robert possesses a unique set of credentials: he is not only an IT Professional. but he is also a certified teacher.  This unique pairing sets Robert apart in the strength of his communication skills. His ability to bridge the gap between the technology and end-users allows him to speak to a broad spectrum of stakeholders ranging from elected officials, to C-Level Executives, and to the public at large.

In addition to communication skills, Robert brings strong leadership skills to the table, and has made the study of leadership one of his primary interests. Starting as a student of Napoleon Hill, Robert has gone on to incorporate the works of more modern authors such as Stephen Covey, Brian TracyDaniel Goleman, and many others.

Robert is also a very active member of the LinkedIn Community.  He has contributed a significant amount of activity to the various groups, LinkedIn Answers, and has numerous recommendations from his peers.



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